1. Say it (New Puzzle Remix)
  2. Ce que tu n'es pas (Skarface Remix)
  3. A califourchon (Noisy Mustard Radio Edit)
  4. Comme une trace (Danny G Remix)
  5. Promets-moi (Full Intention Club Remix)
  6. It's gonna be alright (Skarface Remix)
  7. Crazy (Skin Bruno Extended Mix)
  8. Ecstasy (BLV Remix)
  9. Don't fucking kill my beat bitch ! (Rocos Remix)
  10. Get over you (New Puzzle Remix)
  11. Colder (New Puzzle Remix)
  12. Till the sun comes down (Neon Lights Remix)
  13. Nightlife (Streetlights Remix)
  14. Talk shit about me (New Puzzle Remix)

Extended : The Remix Album

Release Date : 1 octobre 2014
Artist : Nyls
Catalog ref. : 00000
Format : CD

Singles extraits :
Talk Shit About Me, Till The Sun Comes Down et Nightlife.